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El Schamma Foundation International is dedicated to the noble cause of ‘Education for the Nations,’ transcending borders to empower children and the youth in underserved communities. Through our transformative programs, we strive to uplift communities, break barriers, and ignite a passion for learning. Join us in our mission to make education accessible to all, regardless of geography or circumstance.

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Remote Education Access Initiative

Increase access to quality education for students living in a 3-kilometer geographical area with no school or low population density.

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Community Equity Education Program

Increase access to quality education for students in underserved communities.

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Poverty-Alleviation Education Program

Increase access to quality education for students from impoverished households.

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Our mission is to empower the underprivileged generation of children and youth With the hope of living a prosperous tomorrow through aiding in education, life skills, healthcare solutions, and financial literacy…

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